Yukon Solitaire

Yukon Solitaire

Set Up

28 cards are dealt in the tableau, in seven rows. The first row will contain one card, the last will have six cards facing down and five facing up. When dealing, start on the left, the first card is face up and the next 6 cards across face down. The eighth card faces up on the second card in the row, followed by five cards facing down. Next, a card is placed face up on the second and third pile, with the following four face down.


Move Aces to the foundations as available. Build from Ace to King here to clear the tableau and win Yukon Solitaire.

How to Play Yukon

The top cards on the tableau may be built upon by a lower card of opposite color. For example, a red four can have a black three placed upon it, followed by a red two, etc. Top cards of all piles are highlighted and can be moved individually. Any card in the tableau can be moved, even if under several other cards. However, all cards covering the card will also be moved. Turn up face down cards as they become cleared. Expose face down cards as soon as possible. Any space made by moving a pile of cards can only be replaced by a King.

Winning Yukon

Arrange all cards from Ace to King in the foundations to win!

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