Classic Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire

The goal of Golf Solitaire is to clear all of the cards from the rows. The tableau in Golf Solitaire consists of 35 cards, dealt in seven rows facing up. Each row contains five cards, with the top card highlighted and in play. Cards are moved to the discard pile, which is found at the bottom of the game screen.

How to play Golf Solitaire

To begin play, turn over the first card in the hand below the tableau. This is the discard pile where cards will be matched and removed from the tableau. Cards are removed by clicking on a card that has a value or one greater or one less than the card at the top of the waste pile. The card a the top of the waste pile can be matched with a card of any suit in the tableau that is in play, if it is in sequence. A card one up or one down is in sequence and added to the discard pile.

Kings may be played on an Ace or an Ace may be played on a King. If you are unable to make a move, click the next face down card on the discard pile. When an entire row of cards has been removed from the tableau, this leaves a hole but other cards cannot be moved to fill this space, as in other versions of solitaire.

How to Win Golf Solitaire

The game is won when all cards are cleared from the tableau.

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