Classic Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a card game where the tableau is created by dealing cards face up in the form of a triangle, with seven rows increasing from one card in the first row to seven cards in the last row. The bottom two rows are available for initial play A tableau card is available when highlighted. Removing two adjacent cards in a row makes available one card in the row above. Each card has a numerical value equal to its rank. Kings count as 13, Queens 12, Jacks 11, and Aces 1.

Playing Pyramid Solitaire

The object is to clear away all cards of the tableau by matching two cards that add up for a total of 13. Kings count as 13 are removed by simply clicking the single card. All others must be clicked on in pairs to be matched and then these pairs disappear. Cards can only be matched when highlighted. When you have made all of the moves possible with cards in play, click on the stock pile. The card turned up from this pile is in play and can be matched with any other card in play. If the card front eh stock cannot be matched, you can click on the stock pile again for a new card and the first will be shifted down, but both remain in play. Cards from the stock pile can also be matched together.

To win, all cards must be matched and cleared from the tableau.

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