Tower Solitaire

Tower Solitaire

Tower Solitaire is a solitaire card game where played with one foundation where the player can build the foundation up or down without regard to suit. The player is allowed to move cards from the tower to the foundation if the card in the tower is not partially covered by another card. The goal of the game is to remove the all the cards from the tower and place them into the foundation.

How to Play

Tower Solitaire is a single deck solitaire card game where the player is trying to move all the cards from an 8 row tower, into a single foundation at the bottom of the game screen. If there is no card in the foundation, the player may start the game off by placing any card from the tower into the foundation. The player then must build the foundation up or down without regard to suit with cards from the tower that are not partially covered by other cards. As the player works his way up the tower, the game becomes more and more difficult. When the player gets stuck, he can deal a card from the stock pile onto the top of the foundation, changing the card the player can build on. The player wins when all the cards have been removed from the tower and placed into the foundation.

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