Genius Solitaire

Genius Solitaire

Genius Solitaire is a two deck solitaire card game where the player is dealt 19 piles of 3 cards. The player is trying to build up 4 foundations from Ace to King and build down the other four foundations from King to Ace. Each time the player removes all the cards from a pile, they are replaced with 3 cards from the stock pile. When there are no longer cards in the stock pile, the player can place any card in the empty pile.

How To Play Genius

Genius Solitaire is played with two decks of cards and has 8 foundations. The player must pull one Ace of each suit and one King of each suit out of the deck, and use them to start the 8 foundations. The Aces must be built up from Ace to King by suit, and the Kings must be built down from King to Ace by suit. The player is then dealt 19 piles of 3 cards. The player may move the top card in each of those piles, and use it to build on the foundations, or to build down another pile by suit. When all of the cards in a pile have been removed, 3 cards are taken from the undealt card pile and placed onto the location of the old pile to create a new pile in it's place. When the player runs out of cards in the undealt pile, he may use the position of the old pile to begin a new pile with any top card he chooses. If the player gets stuck, he may shuffle the cards that have not yet been placed into the foundation. The cards are then dealt into 19 piles of 3 cards each, like it was in the beginning.

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