Klondike Freecell

Klondike Freecell

Introduced by BattleLine Games, Klondike Freecell is an exciting version of Classic Solitaire that features free cells in game play. Klondike solitaire does not always offer deals that are winnable irrespective of how well you can play. In the Klondike Freecell solitaire, however, three free cells are up for play. The free cells are empty and can always be used as an escape option when cornered. If a card that isn't suitable for play prevents you from making your next move, you could easily move the card into one of the three free cell holders available at the top left of the game screen. Other than that, the rules are the same. So if you're already good at playing Klondike, you may not need the tips.

Klondike Freecell Game setup

On the tableau in Klondike Freecell Solitaire, there are 7 columns, with the cards in the column stacked in a gradient of ascending numbers. Column one has a single card; column two has two cards, column three has 3 and so on. Top left of the screen is three free cells. Top right of the screen is the foundation piles. The Klondike Freecell setup makes it so much easier to win.

Here are 10 tips that could help your strategy making for a smooth finish

  1. Move the aces unto the home cells first Try to reveal the cards that are the ones in play, i.e., expose your hidden cards. You could do this by using your free cells or moving the cards from one column to another of alternating color. (The way to do this can only be in descending order from bottom to top. For example, you can only place a red-6 on a black-7). Turning up the first card to reveal the next increases your number of possible moves available.  
  2. Move out a King with caution. Before moving cards unto the home cell, make sure that you've evaluated all your options and feel you wouldn't need the card again. Just like in the play of Freecell Solitaire, this tip always works: ensure you move your aces and deuces (cards with number 2) to the home cells as soon as possible. Again, this helps to increase your options for your next move.
  3. Consider building up your cards in sequence on the tableau first. Use a combination of the free cells, and the undo function to cover your options before you make a move
  4. Do not make unimportant moves at an earlier time of the game.  Just like in the Klondike Solitaire version, the most reasonable moves to make are the ones that create opportunities for a next move or exposes another card.
  5. Freecell isn't the only option that can save you; the undo button can get too. The undo functions to reverse moves considered as wrong or a mistake which tremendously increases your chances of winning. 
  6. Ensure you do not move out all the cards in a tableau pile if you do not have a King to place it in the first place. This is because, in Klondike Solitaire, space can only be filled by a King or a sequence beginning with a King. 

If you are already good at playing Klondike, you shouldn't get too used to winning at Klondike Freecell.

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