Classic Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a classic two deck solitaire card game that contains no bases and no discard pile. Cards are dealt in ten face down piles or columns. The top cards in each column are highlighted and turned up. These cards can are in play and can be moved from pile to pile in the tableau, creating descending sequences from King to Ace. These can be of mixed suit, however, this particular version uses all hearts.

Playing Spider Solitaire

Once cards are dealt, make all if the moves possible, building down from King to Ace. For example, Jacks can be placed on Queens, 10 on a Jack, and 9 on a 10. A series of cards can be moved from column to column to continue a sequence. When you move an entire pile, leaving an empty space, you may move any available card or group of cards into the space. Note that a King can only be moved into an empty space. *Hint: Try moving cards to an empty space in order to turn over face down cards underneath that pile. If the card that is turned over does not advance your sequence, use the undo button to undo your last move and see what other cards are available*. When you cannot make any more moves, an additional row of ten cards is dealt face up on the tableau piles. After completing a sequence from King to Ace those cards disappear.

Winning Spider Solitaire

To win, you must build eight sequences down from King to Ace in the tableau.

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