Clock Solitaire

Clock Solitaire

Clock Solitaire is a simple solitaire card game where the player has 13 piles arranged to resemble the face of a clock. The game begins with the player picking the first card to move. That card can be dragged to the pile that corresponds with the position on the clock the number value of the card has. Face cards are also dragged to their number values (Jack=11, Queen=12, Ace=1). Kings must be moved to the center position. The player keeps moving cards until he has moved all 4 Kings to the center pile. When the player has a pile of cards where all 4 cards in the pile correspond with the drag number, the player scores a point for that pile. If there are no cards to move from that pile to another, the player may then choose an additional card to begin moving from one of the piles that have a card you can drag to a different column. You win the game by scoring all 12 points on the clock face.

Clock Solitaire Options

To get to the settings menu, you can click the gear in the lower right corner of the game screen. From the settings menu you can set autocomplete on or off, or you can hide or show the cards in the piles. Traditionally all the cards are hidden in a game of Clock Solitaire, but you can show or hide all or some of the cards by changing the value in the settings menu.

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