Classic Gaps Solitaire

Gaps Solitaire

Set Up

Gaps Solitaire is played with one deck and is a different and challenging version of solitaire! The goal is to line up cards from 2 up to King, by suit. Cards are dealt in four rows, all facing up. The 2s are at the left of the screen and cannot be moved. They are grayed out to show that they are not in play.

Aces have been removed from the deck in Gaps Solitaire, which leaves four gaps. You may move cards into these gaps if the value of the card is one more than the card on the left and also the cards are of the same suit. A card may also be moved into a gap if it is one less than the cards on the right and is of the same suit.

Once cards are ordered by suit and number, they will be grayed out on the screen. These cards will stay in place. If you run out of moves, click the shuffle button. This is shuffle all of the cards that are not grayed out and in order. The shuffle button may be used three times in each game, so chose wisely.

The game is won when the deck has been reordered from 2 through King by suit, starting with the 2 on the left of the screen proceeding to the King on the right.

How to Play Gaps

A card is able to be moved into a gap if it is the same suit and is one more than the card to the left of the gap. Cards can also be moved into a gap if it is of the same suit and one less than the card to the right. Once cards are sequential from the left, they are grayed out. When you have made all of the moves available, hitting the shuffle button will shuffle cards that are not in order and grayed. The shuffle button can he used three times during the course of your game, so choose wisely.

Winning the game

When cards are arranged from 2 through King from left to right in suit order, you've won the game!

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