Agnes Solitaire

Agnes Layout

Agnes Solitaire is a classic solitaire card game played with a single deck. At the beginning, the player is dealt cards into seven rows. One card is placed in the first row, two in the second, three cards in the third, and so on until you reach the seventh row with seven cards, building a sort of triangle. These 28 cards form the tableau. The 29th card of the deck will be the foundation and is place at the top of the tableau.

How to Play Agnes

The last card in the column, closest to the player, is the only card that can be used. It can be placed on top of the foundation or to form descending sequences, building down on top of another final card without taking into account the suit, but only black on top of black and red on top of red. As you are able to form sequences, these can me moved toward the interior.

The card dealt into the foundation at the top of the tableau represents the card value that all the foundations must be started. For example, if the first card dealt into the foundations is the Ten of Hearts, then the first card that must be placed into each of the other three empty foundations must also be a Ten. To win, in our example, the player must build up each foundation from the starting value of Ten, until he wrapps around from King to Ace and builds up from Ace to 9 in each foundation.

When an empty space appears, try to place a King in it. It is preferred to choose the free space, on top of which you will be able to place the largest number of cards in sequence.

Whenever play comes to a standstill, deal another seven cards from the stock pile into the seven reserve piles located at the bottom of the game screen. If you had cards that were not playable before dealing the additional cards, there will be more than one in the pile at the top.

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