Windmill Solitaire

Windmill Solitaire

Windmill Solitaire is a two deck solitaire card game where the player's goal is to place all the cards in the deck, into a single foundation located in the center of game play. This foundation is build up without regard to suit from Ace to King, and then continues by wrapping around from King back to Ace. The player has 8 cards that make up the blades of the windmill around the foundation. These positions can be filled with any card if they are used to move a card into the foundation or to the piles. The player also has four piles, one for each suit that can be used to build down from King to Ace.

How to Play

Windmill Solitaire is a two deck solitaire card game where the player's goal is to repeatedly build up a single foundation from Ace to King without regard to suit. The foundation is in the center of the windmill, and to each side of the foundation, two cards are dealt to create the appearence of a windmill with four blades. In each of the corners of the windmill is an empty pile the player can build down from King to Ace by suit. When the player removes the cards from their positions on the windmill blade, the location becomes a freecell where the player can place any card he wishes. The cards that are not initially dealt out are used to create a stock pile. If the player is unable to make a move with the cards in play, he can deal cards one at a time from the stock pile into a waste pile and use the top card in the waste pile to place in a pile, foundation, or freecell. When the player reaches the end of the stock pile, he can reshuffle the cards in the waste pile twice, placing them back into the stock pile when he's done with them. The player wins when all the cards in the game have been moved into the foundation.

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