Strategy Solitaire

Strategy Solitaire

Strategy Solitaire is a solitaire card game where the player deals cards from a stock pile into his choice of 8 waste piles. The player continues to deal the cards out into these waste piles until he has dealt out the entire stock pile. Once the player has dealt the entire stock pile into the 8 waste piles, he must then begin moving the cards from the waste piles into the foundations. The player can only move the top card in each of the waste piles, so the strategic part of the game is deciding where to place the cards as they are dealt off the stock pile.

How to Play

When playing Strategy Solitaire, the player has 8 waste piles where he must place cards from the stock pile, dealing them out one at a time. The player also has four foundations that he must build up from Ace to King, but the trick is he is not allowed to place any cards onto a foundation until all of the cards have been placed into one of the waste piles. When placing cards in the waste pile, the player must try and place larger cards on the bottom of the pile and lower valued cards further up. This is because the player may only take the top cards off of the waste pile to use them in building up the foundations. The player wins when he has moved all the cards from the waste piles into the foundations.

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