Penguin Solitaire

Penguin Solitaire

Penguin Solitaire is a varient of Freecell Solitaire where the object is to sort a 52 card deck into four foundations in order and by suit. The foundations start off with 3 cards in them that are randomly chosen and cads placed in the foundation may be wrapped from King to Ace.

How to play Penguin Solitaire

Penguin Solitaire is played with a standard 52 card deck. 49 cards are dealt face up into 7 columns of 7 cards each. 3 cards, all with the same value are dealt into three of the four founations to the left of the game screen. The goal of the player is to move all 52 cards to the foundations arranging them in order and by suit. The cards in the foundation are stacked up (Ace - King), and when a King has been placed in a foundation, the cards can wrap by then placing an Ace of the same suit on top of that King. Cards are stacked down in the columns from King to Ace, once again allowing cards to wrap from Ace to King.

In Penguin Solitaire there are 7 reserve piles which can hold 1 card each. Any single card can be placed into a reserve pile to allow the player to continue arranging cards in the columns or move them to the foundations.

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