Classic Spiderette Solitaire


Spiderette Solitaire begins with 28 cards dealt in seven rows in the tableau. Two sets of cards are facing down and the third is turned up in each column. Cards that are turned up are in play and available to move. There are no foundations in Spiderette Solitaire, so all building is in the tableau. In this version of Spiderette, all cards are of the same suit so game play is focused on arranging cards in sequence.

The object of Spiderette Solitaire is to move 13 cards of a suit in the correct sequence from King to Ace. Aces may not be built upon, so plan accordingly to avoid Aces causing difficulty in creating correct card sequences. Cards that are in sequence can be picked up and moved as a unit in the tableau. When all cards in a pile have been turned over and a space becomes available, it can be filled by any card. This allows you an additional spot to build sequences. Once you have made all available moves in the tableau, another row of cards can be dealt on top of each pile. Card sequences can be quickly buried in Spiderette Solitaire, so be certain to exhaust all moves before hitting the cards below the tableau to deal another card.

The game is won when all four sets of cards have been arranged from King to Ace in the tableau.

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